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Michelle S

Verified Buyer

Gnome is so easy to apply and has greened up my lawn at 1/3 of the cost of my previous lawn care routine, even in the Southern California heat! I'm so glad I joined the Gnome club. Definitely going to be a Gnomie for life.

“What a delightful company”

What a delightful company. Their products work! Their advice so helpful. I sent in my soil analysis and thought for sure they would find a reason to upsell me loads of products because their service is so affordable . Instead they sent me a response that said my soil is perfect and no additional products needed. They make keeping a beautiful lawn Read more about review stating What a delightful companyso easy. And than they also send little gift gnomes. My lawn has never looked better. Thank you!

Pat E

Verified Buyer

“Can't believe how well it worked”

I honestly was expecting some minor improvements in my lawn, since this is an organic product, but this blew my expectations out of the water. My first box had 2 of the all-purpose and one "mighty micros" and my lawn has never grown so quickly. I had thinning and yellowing spots that have completely disappeared. Super impressed with this product. Read more about review stating Can't believe how well it workedI wasn't planning to stay subscribed for long but I think I'll stick around as long as it keeps my grass looking this green.

Tim B

Verified Buyer

“This product is magical🌟!”

I take care off lawns for a living and Gnome is the best fertilizer I have ever come across! It’s user friendly, cost effective, and continually improves your soil and lawn!

Dawn O

Verified Buyer

“Grass greener in just 3 weeks!”

I didn't get it at first, but these liquid products have been incredible and easily spray across the whole lawn. Straw goes all the way to the bottom and the sprayer makes it easy to get every blade. My lawn went from yellow-green to dark green and lush.

Greg R

Verified Buyer

“As easy as it gets”

Received my gnome shipment quickly. Out of the box, gnome is so easy to use - The instructions tell me everything I need to do, the hardware is well-made and simple, and deployment was very straightforward. End to end experience is superb and now cannot wait to see the effects on the lawn!

Robert C

Verified Buyer

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Super natural, powerful formulas

Create noticeable green-up in 2-4 weeks.

Personalized instructions

Tell you when and how to apply

Takes 10-15 minutes

To spray one pouch with a standard hose

100% pet safe & kid safe

Spray, let it dry, and get back to playtime

Starter Packs

Save big on custom lawn care!

Your nutrients are customized based on

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Grass Type
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Soil Data
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Climate Data

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