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Lawn Size Calculator

What’s my lawn size?

Our free-to-use tool makes it easy to size your lawn.

Use Google Maps to calculate lawn size

We show you a satellite image of your lawn, based on data from Google Maps and other providers. You can then draw your lawn on the satellite imagery to tell us exactly how big your lawn is.

Draw one or multiple sections of grass with our polygon tool. We will size the total area of all the sections you’ve drawn.

All lawn size measurements are in square feet. One acre equals 43,560 square feet.

Enter your address for a free lawn size estimate!

Get a free estimate with just your address! Our lawn size calculator uses public data sources and our proprietary algorithm to estimate the size of your lawn.

This is not just your lot size! There are plenty of public databases that have parcel-level data about lot sizes. But that’s not all lawn!

We know that your home takes up a good chunk of the lot. That’s why we’ve precisely trained our algorithm to account for the likely size of your lawn based on similar lawns in your area and across the country.

Already know your lawn size?

Great, you can input your lawn size manually too! Enter your lawn size, tell us a bit about your lawn, and we’ll build your custom care plan.

Help from Gnome makes it easy to have green grass, healthy soil, and a safe playground. We stand by our products with the Love Your Lawntm guarantee: Greener grass in 100 days or your money back.

Precisely measure your lawn

Not sure about your lawn size estimate? Double check it!

Our sizing tool also allows you to draw the outline of your lawn over a Google Maps image.

How does it work?

1. Enter your address and click "Find my Lawn"

2. We provide an estimate of your lawn size

3. If the estimate looks correct, click "Yes, that sounds right"

4. If you want to draw on the Google Map to precisely size your lawn, click "Help me size my lawn precisely"

5. Follow the instructions on the map to draw the lawn area

How are lawn measurements calculated?

Via the Gnome network, we measure your lot size and the square footage of your home.

Then we calculate the square footage of the grass on your lot.

Not everyone has the same amount of grass, garden, or landscaped areas. Our estimates are carefully calibrated based on thousands of lawn measurements.