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Prevent weeds with our pre-emergent herbicide, Lawn Guard
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“Grass greener and no more weeds!”

I didn't get it at first, but these liquid products have been incredible and easily spray across the whole lawn. Straw goes all the way to the bottom and the sprayer makes it easy to get every blade. My lawn went from yellow and full of weeds to dark green and perfect.

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Greg R.

Verified Buyer

Austin, TX
“Cost effective and it works!”

Lawn Guard has proven to be a phenomenal find. It's safe, and has effectively reduced weeds, making my lawn healthier and more lush. The application is straightforward, customer service is excellent, and it's much cheaper than the service I was using. Highly recommended.

Dwayne P.

Verified Buyer

Columbus, OH
“Best looking lawn in my neighborhood”

My neighbors on all sides have clover and dandelion. Not in our yard though. This stuff must be working. Thank you Gnome!

Peter N.

Verified Buyer

Shelbyville, DE
“A real game-changer”

Lawn Guard has proven to be a phenomenal organic weed control product. It's safe for my family and environment, and has effectively reduced weeds, making my lawn healthier and more lush. The application is straightforward, customer service is excellent, and despite being slightly pricier, it offers great value. Highly recommended for a vibrant, weed-free lawn.

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Todd S.

Verified Buyer

Asheville, NC
“Killer product”

Received my gnome shipment quickly. Out of the box, gnome is so easy to use - The instructions tell me everything I need to do, the hardware is well-made and simple, and deployment was very straightforward. End to end experience is superb and now cannot wait to see the effects on the lawn!

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Steve A.

Verified Buyer

Passaic, NJ

Get a Weed-Free Lawn

Love your lawn
Lawn USP

Spray in 10 minutes

Easy-to-use sprayers attach to your hose for easy application

Lawn USP

Prevent weeds from growing

Prevents the growth of dandelion, clover, crabgrass and more

Lawn USP

100% safe for kids and pets

Organic, premium grade ingredients

Lawn USP

Money-back guarantee

Love your lawn in 100 days or your money back

The Gnome Effect

All lawn plans include our 100-day Love Your LawnTM Guarantee

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Easy Application

10 minutes to spray with your hose

Why Go Gnome

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Customised liquid fertilizer
Hose end sprayers
Free soil testing
Organic formulas
Pre-emergent weed control
Money-back guarantee
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Meet Our Ingredients

We use only 100% premium, all-natural ingredients

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  • Soy Protein

    Soy Protein

  • Atlantic Kelp

    Atlantic Kelp

  • Iron


  • Corn Steep

    Corn Steep

  • Lemongrass Oil

    Lemongrass Oil

  • Cedarwood Oil

    Cedarwood Oil

Your nutrients are customized based on

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Trust the Gnomes

Money back guarantee

Formulated with Florida experts

Natural ingredients


Customized for you

1% for the planet

We proudly give back one percent of our revenue, because we love the Earth. It's our favorite planet. We want the whole planet to look greener, not just the lawns.

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