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Neighborhood Hero Bundle

Neighborhood Hero Bundle

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Neighborhood Hero Bundle
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  • Neighborhood Hero Bundle
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Neighborhood Hero Bundle

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      “Unbeatable Bug Repellent!”

      As a dog mom to my golden retriever Sunny, the Cedarwood and Lemongrass Spray for lawns has been a blessing! Its aromatic, non-toxic blend repels mosquitos, fleas, and ticks efficiently, ensuring Sunny's outdoor time is safe and fun. No more post-play tick checks, just a contented, bug-free pooch frolicking in our backyard. Plus, its pleasing scent and plant-friendly formulation make it ideal for my garden too. Highly recommended for all pet parents seeking an effective, eco-friendly pest deterrent.

      Samantha V.

      Verified Buyer

      Sanford, North Carolina
      “No More Mosquitos”

      We are the only ones in the neighborhood not bothered by mosquitoes. My children know that if they play in one of the neighbors yards, they are going to get bitten up, but not here at our yard.

      Steven P.

      Verified Buyer

      Winchester, VA
      “Summer Savior for My Family!”

      As a father living on the Florida Gulf Coast, summer means barbecues, beach trips, and a constant battle against blood-thirsty bugs. Thankfully, the Cedarwood and Lemongrass Spray has proved to be a formidable ally in this fight. The scent is fantastic, and it works!

      Joseph B.

      Verified Buyer

      Tampa, Florida
      “Mosquito invasion!”

      This fall in the desert I had an unexpected challenge, Mosquitoes! Living in the greater Palm Springs area for 35 years I have never worried about Mosquitoes in our arid climate. This year was an exception, Mosquitoes all over my yard. I have heard of lemongrass working as a bug repellent and noticed Mosquito Defense from Gnome used lemongrass and cedarwood oils. After a single application the Mosquitoes were gone. It was that simple! I attached the included spray nozzle to the bag of Mosquito Defense and turned on the water. We were amazed with the instant results.

      Russell A.

      Verified Buyer

      Palm Springs, California
      “Thank you Gnome!!!”

      I’ve been struggling to get rid of the mosquitos in my yard for years. I’ve tried candles, bug sprays, traps, everything under the sun. We always have to resort to staying inside when it gets bad during the summer. But no more!!! I sprayed this a few times the first month, and I’ve been spraying every month since, and had no mosquitos all summer! I like spraying it too.

      Annie R.

      Verified Buyer

      Hillsboro, Oregon
      “Kick off your shoes”

      Before I used Gnome, my lawn was technically grass, I guess, but it was so uncomfortable to walk on, that I usually stayed on the patio. Now, this beach-boy transplanted to Nashville leaves those pesky shoes at the door before going outside. Gnome was such a simple-to-use product, but the results make me feel like Hank Hill. Information provided iRead more about review stating Kick off your shoesn my first kit, and my soil sampler, took all the guesswork out of it and I believe the results speak for themselves. I've got a big yard and only ordered enough Gnome for select areas, but will be doing the entire yard next season after such a successful first year. Gnome is where the heart is!

      review before review after

      Craven I

      Verified Buyer

      Nashville, Tennessee
      “The Gnomes deliver again”

      Just like all the other products Gnome supplies. This is a great product. Thanks.

      review before review after

      Peter N.

      Verified Buyer

      Shelbyville, Delaware
      our vission

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