Liquid Lush: Lawn Soil Conditioner for Heat and Drought Tolerance


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  • Organic humic acid and potassium supplement
  • 1 liquid soil conditioner pouch: Liquid Lush
  • 1 hose end sprayer for easy application
  • 10 minutes to apply & water
  • Keeps grass green through heat and drought
  • Great for fixing brown and yellow spots

Liquid Lush: Lawn Soil Conditioner for Heat and Drought Tolerance

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Organic soil conditioner for water retention and heat stress

Put some life back in your soil with our organic humic acid (12% highly concentrated formula) and potassium (3% booster) supplement.

Use less water and save your green!

This eco-friendly formula will improve your soil health and help keep your grass green through heat and drought.

Best when combined with a nitrogen source like Green Glow, because humic acids improve nitrogen uptake.

Looking to fix brown and yellow spots in your lawn?

Bundle and save on our Puppy Patch Repair Kit. It's good for all brown and yellow spots in lawns, even if you don't have pets!

Our super powerful, all-natural, highly concentrated formulas are more effective than any other liquid fertilizers on the retail market today.

Safe for kids and pets. Just spray, let it dry, and get right back to playtime. 

Each nutrient pouch is one liter (1L) and feeds up to 5,000 square feet.

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Gnomes are honest folk, and we stand by our products 100% with the Love Your Lawn™️ guarantee.

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(27 Reviews)

Meet the Gnomes

All-in-One Grass & Garden

The perfect, balanced, year-round organic fertilizer for your whole yard. When you spray your lawn, spray your flower beds and vegetable gardens too. This organic formula is a 3-1-3, and it packs a punch that goes beyond NPK. Spray on your lawn and watch your grass green up with delicious, nutritious, organic matter. Spray on your garden and watch your vegetables' delight as they root, flower, and fruit.

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Liquid Lush

Humic acids and potassium are the secret weapons for growers facing hot climates and compact soil. Liquid Lush is an 0-0-2 with 12% humic acids. Humic acids are a versatile forms of organic matter that replenish depleted soils, helping plants develop stronger root systems. Liquid Lush is ideal for promoting drought tolerance, water retention, and resilience to high traffic. It also works as a mild soil conditioner, promoting better oxygenation and nutrient uptake.

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Mighty Micros

The organic micronutrient supplement that replenishes critical micronutrient deficiencies in the soil. A micronutrient deficiency is the Achilles Heel of lawn care, and we can't let you suffer from a simple lack of calcium or magnesium! We highly recommend a soil test kit to reveal any hidden or neglected deficiencies. If you're deficient in any micronutrient, one application of Mighty Micros will give your soil the boost it needs to get back on track.

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Soil Balance

The main supporting act for healthy grass growth. Soil Balance is applied more selectively throughout the year to maintain healthy levels of lawns’ next most important macronutrients, phosphorus and potassium. We also include kelp extract to improve absorption. Most commonly used to address specific nutrient deficiencies identified by your individual soil test.

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Green Glow

The star of every lawn nutrition program. Green Glow feeds growing lawns’ number one macronutrient, nitrogen. We use a 50/50 blend of regular- and slow-release nitrogen so you don’t have to apply as frequently, and we cut out all the extra chemicals that you’ll find in most traditional fertilizers. Every lawn nutrition plan includes Green Glow at regular intervals throughout the year.

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Iron Strength

The secret sauce for deeper, fuller green color. Iron Strength addresses another deficiency that may be hidden. Grass will grow just as quickly without iron, but with this liquid iron supplement, you will see visibly greener grass without stimulating excess growth. Designed for all types of turf grasses, we will include an Iron Strength in the first shipment of every lawn nutrition plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of grass does Gnome work with?

We designed our product line-up to work with all species of turfgrass found in the continental United States, including fescue, bermuda, kentucky bluegrass, zoysia, ryegrass, bentgrass, bahia, and centipede. If you have another kind of grass, or if you’re just concerned about whether Gnome works with your lawn, contact us and give us more details about what you’re workin’ with. We’ll head back to the workshop and see what we can do for you.

Does Gnome replace a professional lawn fertilization program?

Yes! Gnome will deliver all the nutrients that your lawn needs for healthy, green, growth. If you’re concerned about your soil health, order a soil test and let us develop a custom care plan for you, just like a professional service would. We are still amassing our army of lawn-mowing gnomes, but in the meantime you could still use your local lawn mowing service to cut the grass.

Will Gnome work for my climate?

Yes, our Soil IQ™ database covers every climate, grass species, and soil found in the continental US. Once you order your subscription, our gnomes get to work purchasing and compiling even more soil data (including organic matter, cation exchange, calcium content, pH, composition, water capacity and content), climate data (rainfall, average temperatures), and satellite imagery to paint a complete picture of your lawn’s ecosystem. Then we customize the contents and recommendations in your subscription, and even pause your subscription to save you money when your grass is dormant.

Can I order Gnome outside the US?

Alas, we love every lawn and every blade of grass, but right now, we are only available in the continental United States. We hope you still love your lawn and we want to hear from you if you wish Gnome was available in your location. Contact us and let us know where you’re from and you just might inspire us to build a new gnome base outside the US.

How do you manage weeds?

Some lawns need extra help fighting weeds. As you treat your grass with Gnome, herbicides will become less necessary. Once you’re feeding your lawn the right nutrients in the right quantities, it will promote growth in the right species and choke off the growth in invasive weeds.

How do you manage pests?

Integrated Pest Management is the latest in turf science, and how most experts (e.g., golf courses, commercial landscapers) deal with pests — not just weeds but bugs and insects. It’s an iterative process of learning about the pests you’re dealing with, making interventions in and around the lawn, observing changes, and continually improving. We understand that pests can be a huge problem (we’re looking at you, white grubs), and in extreme cases you may need to consider a natural pesticide, but our aim is to make nature more natural, so we always lean toward more natural interventions. Our gnomes are hard at work developing a safe, all-natural pesticide, but we will always recommend using it as minimally as possible.

Is Gnome certified organic?

Yes! We have an all-organic line of liquid fertilizers. They are ideal for grass and outdoor garden use. Our organic formulas are made in Canada and certified as suitable for use in organic farming according to the Canadian Organic Standard (more strict than USDA standards). They are all inspected by EcoCert Canada. In the United States, Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is the primary authority for certifying agricultural products as organic, and we are in the process of listing our organic formulas with OMRI as well!

Is Gnome safe to use on lawns where my kids and pets play?

We’re glad you asked. Yes. *Cue gnome group musical number*

We make grass green, make it grow

Dirt can’t eat, grass sleeps in snow

Drink up well, soil rich like treasure

Safe for kids, your play’s our pleasure

Ahem, we hope you enjoyed that.

First off, please do not drink the fertilizer. Any fertilizer can be dangerous if a human being or a pet consumes it (fun fact: we gnomes are uniquely evolved to digest fertilizer).

But the real concern is whether the fertilizer makes your lawn less safe for play. Traditional, dry, pellet-based fertilizer will remain on your lawn for up to 72 hours, posing a risk to pets and children. With Gnome, you can get back to playing in the grass 4-24 hours after applying the fertilizer (as soon as your lawn dries). Lawns drink, they don’t eat. Liquid fertilizer is just better.

Does Gnome work with lawns larger than 15,000 square feet?

We appreciate your love for your extra large lawn. Our packages are designed for lawns up to 15,000 square feet due to shipping constraints. If you need to cover more than 15,000 square feet of grass, you can always order multiple subscriptions or contact us to help develop a custom care plan.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We are not one of those annoying companies that makes you call in to cancel. We will miss you terribly, but you can log in any time to manage, pause, or cancel your subscription.

What makes Gnome better than competitors?

Great question! Unlike our competitors, our concentrated liquid products contain natural ingredients like urea, iron, kelp, and soybeans without sacrificing the necessary nitrogen your lawn needs to thrive. Our Green Glow is 30% nitrogen, the highest of any liquid lawn food on the retail market. Our nitrogen is also an ideal 50/50 slow release to balance immediate foliar nutrient uptake with lasting grass root and shoot growth. Our sprayers hook up straight to your hose, so you can ditch the spreader and toxic pellets and easily fertilize in just 10 minutes. Most importantly, we’re fanatical about supporting our customers! Our custom plans are tailored to your specific micro-climate and soil composition leveraging leading turfgrass and soil science, and our plans are all backed by the money-back Love Your Lawn guarantee.

Do your fertilizers contain glyphosates?

Ewwww, glyphosates! Gnomes are highly sensitive to all things toxic and carcinogenic. That's why none of our fertilizer formulas contain glyphosates, and they never will. All of our formulas are sourced from premium, natural ingredients like urea, soy, and kelp, so they're safe for your and your loved ones.