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Corn Gluten Meal Liquid Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Lawn Guard is a highly effective, natural weed control product for your lawn and garden. This non-toxic, pre-emergent herbicide is made from corn gluten meal, so it's safe for people and pets.

Unlike traditional herbicides, which target established weeds, corn gluten meal works by inhibiting the root development of weed seeds before they can germinate and establish roots.

Directions for Use:

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Apply evenly to your lawn or garden bed using a sprayer or watering can
  3. Water your lawn or garden after application
  4. For best results, apply the Corn Gluten Meal Liquid Pre-Emergent Weed Control in the early spring before weed seeds start to germinate and in late summer and early fall before autumn weeds can sprout. 
  5. Do not apply this product to newly seeded areas or within 2 weeks of planting seeds or transplanting.

Each pouch covers up to 2,500 square feet. 

Prevents weeds from germinating when applied regularly

Corn gluten meal is most effective when applied in the spring and fall, before weed seeds have a chance to germinate. For best results, it should be applied at a rate of at least 1 pouch per 2,500 square feet of soil, and lightly watered in after application to activate the nitrogen compounds. Applying more often will improve effectiveness.

When applied to the soil, corn gluten meal works by releasing organic compounds that prevent the root development of weed seeds. Additionally, the proteins found in corn gluten meal contain amino acids that serve as a source of nitrogen.

Using corn gluten meal as part of a comprehensive weed control strategy can help prevent the growth of annual grassy weeds such as crabgrass and foxtail, as well as some broadleaf weeds such as dandelion and clover. It is important to note that corn gluten meal is not effective against all types of weeds, particularly established weeds that have already started to grow.

Eliminate weeds without the toxic chemicals

Overall, corn gluten meal is a natural and effective pre-emergent herbicide that can help control weed growth without the use of harsh chemicals. By inhibiting the root development of weed seeds, it provides a safe and eco-friendly alternative to traditional herbicides. Whatever you do, please don’t use products like Roundup that contain glyphosate. Those products are known carcinogens. Don’t get cancer, get Gnome.


  • Kills weeds before they root including Crabgrass, Dandelion, Clover, Foxtail, Chickweed, Creeping Charlie, Black Medic and dozens more
  • Increasingly effective at preventing weed growth year after year
  • Made from organic corn gluten meal
  • Safe for people, pets, and the environment
  • Liquid formula for easy application
  • Non-toxic and non-chemical
  • Provides natural fertilization for your lawn and garden

Ingredients: Corn gluten meal, water