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Magic Lawn Plan

Complete fertilizer plan for a healthy lawn

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Soil Test Kit

Professional soil analysis made simple

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Fall Lawn Fertilizer Kit

Best-selling bundle of fall specific nutrients

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Discover why Gnome customers are obsessed with their lawns!

Witness the amazing results of our lawn transformations and see firsthand why customers rely on us for all their lawn care needs.

All lawn plans include our 100-day Love Your LawnTM Guarantee

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“What a delightful company”

What a delightful company. Their products work! Their advice so helpful. I sent in my soil analysis and thought for sure they would find a reason to upsell me loads of products ...

Pat E

Verified Buyer

“Grass greener in just 3 weeks!”

I didn't get it at first, but these liquid products have been incredible and easily spray across the whole lawn. Straw goes all the way to the bottom and the sprayer makes it ea...

Greg R

Verified Buyer

“This product is magical🌟!”

I take care off lawns for a living and Gnome is the best fertilizer I have ever come across! It’s user friendly, cost effective, and continually improves your soil and lawn!

Dawn O

Verified Buyer

“As easy as it gets”

Received my gnome shipment quickly. Out of the box, gnome is so easy to use - The instructions tell me everything I need to do, the hardware is well-made and simple, and deploym...

Robert C

Verified Buyer