How to Gnome: Get to Know the Gnome Philosophy and Product Offerings

By Dava Morefield |

How to Gnome: Get to Know the Gnome Philosophy and Product Offerings

Welcome to Gnome! If you're reading this, you're interested in joining or are already a proud member of the sustainable lawn care revolution. Gnome is a DIY lawn care company that provides you with high-potency, non-toxic liquid fertilizer concentrates selected for your climate, grass, and soil type. 

Gnome delivers your lawn care plan right to your door. Each shipment comes with a very easy hose end sprayer attachment and detailed instructions making it a super user friendly experience!

Gnome's concentrated liquid products contain natural ingredients like urea, iron, kelp, and soybeans without sacrificing the necessary nitrogen your lawn needs to thrive. Our nitrogen is a blend of immediate and slow release to balance immediate foliar nutrient uptake with lasting grass root and shoot growth.

Most importantly, Gnome is fanatical about helping you grow greener grass! We love our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission at Gnome is to make grass greener with products that are better for people, pets, and the planet.

Our Products

  • Magic Lawn Plan This is a custom plan that includes high-potency, non-toxic liquid fertilizer concentrates selected for your climate, grass, and soil type. Each Magic Lawn Plan shipment comes with detailed instructions on when to apply in your precise location.
  • Organic Lawn Plan The exact selection of organic nutrients that your specific lawn needs. Our organic formulas are made in Canada and certified as suitable for use in organic farming according to the Canadian Organic Standard (more strict than USDA standards).
  • Simply Sustainable Healthy, green growth that’s sustainable for your soil and your wallet.
  • Playground Plus Complete essential nutrient program ideal for high-traffic or newly established lawns.
  • Pristine Green Maximum natural growth program for deep, lush green that will stand out from the crowd.

Region Based Plans

  • South Florida Lawn Plan Recommended for those who live below the panhandle. It is billed per month and our best price per pouch. It includes a custom nutrient blend and schedule for your Florida lawn. It also comes with a free Soil Test Kit. 
  • Lone Star Lawn Plan Lawn care plan scientifically tailored for Texas lawns.
  • SoCal Lawn Plan  Lawn care plan scientifically tailored for Southern California lawns.


  • Soil Test Kit One of the best ways to determine what your lawn needs. It's really easy to use too. Just send us a soil sample and we email you a detailed PDF with a full view of your soil’s nutrient levels so you’ll know precisely what’s holding your lawn back.
  • Weed Puller The ideal de-weeding tool to pull up deep rooted weeds.

Core Fertilizers

  • Soil Balance The perfect fall lawn food for building root resilience. Concentrated 18-3-4 Nitrogen fertilizer to grow grass faster and stronger.
  • All-In-One Liquid Lawn Food The all-in-one solution to feed your lawn the right stuff. Our 22-0-3 formulation, with iron, potassium and kelp, delivers sustained green up with 70% slow-release nitrogen
  • Green Glow The best lawn fertilizer for an immediate green-up that will last for months. Concentrated 30-0-0 Nitrogen fertilizer for fast and sustained growth
  • All-In-One Grass & Garden The certified-organic, all-season blend to feed your lawn and garden. Balanced 3-1-3 organic fertilizer for your whole yard.
  • Turf Tonic 3-0-0 + 3 Iron The certified-organic lawn fertilizer for greener grass and healthier soil. 3-0-0 + 3% Iron fertilizer for deep green up and growth

Add Ons

  • Mighty Micros The organic supplement to eliminate nutrient deficiencies
  • Liquid Lush The organic, all-natural solution for heat and drought tolerance. Put some life back in your soil with our organic humic acid (12% highly concentrated formula) and potassium (3% booster) supplement.
  • Iron Strength The most effective solution for visibly greener grass. Concentrated 12-0-0 fertilizer for deeper greens and faster growth.


  • Gift Wrapped Holiday Bundle Give the gift of greener grass
  • Fall Lawn Fertilizer Kit The all-in-one kit with everything you need to treat your lawn for fall. Bundle and save on three (3) nutrient pouches, with one of each formula to give your lawn everything it needs across before winter - including nitrogen, iron, as well as 70+ vitamins and macronutrients.
  • Puppy Patch Repair The ideal fertilizer bundle to fix yellow, brown, and bare spots. Bundle and save on two (2) nutrient pouches - Liquid Lush and Soil Balance.
  • Spring Lawn Fertilizer Kit The perfect starter kit for deepening green and boosting grass growth. Bundle and save on two (2) nutrient pouches - Green Glow and Iron Strength.

Pest Control

  • Mosquito Defense The all-in-one solution for flea, tick, ant, & mite control. Delivers lasting control and repellency for 4+ weeks. Leaves your lawn smelling great with a a wonderful mix of lemongrass and cedar oils


      • When do orders typically ship?
        • Orders typically ship same day and take approximately 3-5 business days to arrive.
      • I don't know how big my lawn is. Can you help?
      • How often should I test my Soil?
        • Soil tests are recommended every year at the beginning of the growing season to ensure your nutrient plan is set correctly for the next year. You are absolutely welcome to test more frequently if you prefer, but it often takes some time for your results to change meaningfully.
      • Does Gnome replace a professional lawn fertilization program?
        • Yes! Gnome will deliver all the nutrients that your lawn needs for healthy, green, growth. If you’re concerned about your soil health, order a soil test and let us develop a custom care plan for you, just like a professional service would. We are still amassing our army of lawn-mowing gnomes, but in the meantime you could still use your local lawn mowing service to cut the grass.
      • Will Gnome work for my climate?
        • Yes, our Soil IQ™ database covers every climate, grass species, and soil found in the continental US. Once you order your subscription, our gnomes get to work purchasing and compiling even more soil data (including organic matter, cation exchange, calcium content, pH, composition, water capacity and content), climate data (rainfall, average temperatures), and satellite imagery to paint a complete picture of your lawn’s ecosystem. Then we customize the contents and recommendations in your subscription, and even pause your subscription to save you money when your grass is dormant.
      • Can I order Gnome outside the US?
        • Alas, we love every lawn and every blade of grass, but right now we are only available in the continental United States. We hope you still love your lawn and we want to hear from you if you wish Gnome was available in your location. Contact us and let us know where you’re from and you just might inspire us to build a new gnome base outside the US.

      Other Helpful Resources

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