It's about time we started a blog! The age of the blogosphere may be waning, but Gnomes have lived through many ages. We believe in documenting and passing down knowledge. In fact the original Greek word "gnome" means "

judgment, opinion; maxim, the opinion of wise men."

We don't claim to be the wisest, but we've gathered intelligence from 100+ turf science studies and 10,000+ soil samples, and enlisted top lawn care experts from around the country to develop our Soil IQ™️ database. We like to think we learned a thing or two about lawn care along the way, but when in doubt, we will always consult the data!

Follow along by signing up for our emails at the bottom of the page, and let us know if you have ay topics you want us to cover. Some things we will include:

  • How to measure your lawn for determining nitrogen requirements
  • Natural solutions to broad leaf weed control
  • Unique nutrient needs for newly established lawns
  • Fertilizer, seed, and sod: when to consider different lawn solutions
  • Can fertilizer help with bare spots?

Thank you for reading, and happy growing gnomies!

Clyde Atkins