We proudly present…

The Organic Lawn Fertilizer Plan

We're giving every homeowner the option to go organic. This new bi-annual subscription box offers a premium, customized, organic lawn care plan without the hassle of unreliable and unaccountable lawn care professionals. It’s easy to do it yourself with help from Gnome.

We could have settled for the same synthetic-based products that you can get from other fertilizer companies, but we did this to serve our mission: make grass greener with products that are good for people, pets, and the planet.

Take comfort in knowing your soil, air, and groundwater are safe for your family. These products are all 100% glyphosate free and pet friendly. Our Organic Plan is the most human-safe and eco-friendly lawn care plan money can buy.

You may be wondering, what does the plan include? Well for starters, we're finally answering the age-old question...

Is there one fertilizer that will work for my lawn and my garden?

Now there is. Designed to feed your whole yard, the star of the plan is called All-in-One Grass & Garden. This is an all-season, all-purpose fertilizer with a balanced blend of essential nutrients, plus organic matter that enriches soil by fueling biotic activity.

We love grass, but we want to inspire you and your family to plant a yard full of flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and shrubs! Make your grass greener with delicious, nutritious, organic matter. Watch your vegetables' delight as they root, flower, and fruit with natural phosphorus and potassium. Spray the whole yard and feed your soil the organic way.

Liquid Lush and Mighty Micros are the other two products in the plan.

Liquid Lush is a potassium and humic acid supplement that helps boost microbial activity and improve nutrient absorption. It’s good for stress tolerance from drought, heat, cold, or high traffic.

Mighty Micros is our organic micronutrient booster to eliminate any stubborn or hidden deficiencies in things like calcium, boron, magnesium, or manganese. We offer soil testing to help identify these deficiencies, because they can critically undermine your ability to grow a healthy lawn.

This plan is designed for yards of up to 10,000 square feet, or 0.23 acres.

The bi-annual subscription starts at only $79, because we wanted to make it accessible to everyone. While the subscription is on a six-month cycle, the price effectively comes out to $13.17 per month.

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For those who want to try before subscribing, we make it easy to try any of our formulas as a one-time purchase for only $49.

Thank you for your interest in going organic, and as always, thank you for growing with us!

Clyde Atkins