DIY Lawn Care Subscriptions: Gnome vs. Sunday, Scotts, Lawnifi, Lawnbright, and Lawnbox

By Dava Morefield |

DIY Lawn Care Subscriptions: Gnome vs. Sunday, Scotts, Lawnifi, Lawnbright, and Lawnbox

Lawn care subscriptions provide a great way to care for your lawn, without a ton of extra effort. Many offer different options like annual, monthly, or one time purchases that allow you to get all your yard’s needs delivered right to your front door.

These subscriptions offer a less expensive option than paying a lawn care company to take care of your lawn for you and, typically, they are customized to your lawn's specific needs. They also allow you to enjoy a DIY option, without the hassle of deciding what to apply and when!


With a few different lawn care subscription companies out there, we’re here to help you determine which is the right choice for you! 

DIY Lawn Care Subscriptions: Gnome vs. Sunday, Scotts, Lawnifi, Lawnbright, and Lawnbox


If you are looking for an affordable lawn care subscription option that cares about people, pets and the planet, look no further, Gnome has everything you need. With plans starting at $99, we offer organic, pet friendly options. Gnome can create a custom plan for you, all you have to do is fill out a simple questionnaire. We even offer a Soil Test Kit to help you learn what your lawn needs most by identifying any deficiencies in your soil across every macro and micronutrient. Gnome also can help you determine the size of your lawn by using the Lawn Size Calculator.


Sunday Lawn Care

Similar to Gnome, Sunday Lawn Care provides customers with a Soil Test Kit and is pet friendly.

Simple Lawn Solutions

Simple Lawn Solutions say their products have been tested for 3 generations. They do not have custom plans, but offer several products for one time purchase.



LawnBright provides organic products and promises limited, natural ingredients that are better for your lawn, your family and the earth.


Lawnifi uses Catalyst Particle Reduction Technology, to break down the size of their nutrients so that the plant can directly intake and use the product from both the leaf blade and root zone without wasting energy from breaking them down.



Scotts is a popular brand that you may have seen advertised on TV. But with the subscription, customers can now have a regular automated delivery straight to their door.



Lawnbox sends perfectly-timed shipments of the products in the right amount, delivered to your doorstep. They offer organic lawn care without sacrificing the results.


Lawn Serv

Lawn Serv packages high-quality third-party products and ship them to you to save you time.



In our unbiased opinion (ahem..) Gnome is the best! But if you don’t believe us, take it from the gnomes, 5 out of 5 gnomes recommend using Gnome for all your lawn care needs!

If you’re interested in Gnome, take a look at our products or reach out to us with any questions at We look forward to growing with you!