We are proud to introduce our brand new Lawn Size Calculator!

This is a first-of-its-kind tool to answer the age old question...

How big is my lawn?

It's never been easier to figure out the size of your lawn. 

Use our super easy calculator to size your lawn in two distinct ways:

1. Estimate your lawn size based on address

Just enter your address, and click "Find my Lawn" to see our estimate of your lawn size in square feet. 

2. Draw on the map to precisely size your lawn

After you've entered your address, click "Help me size my lawn precisely" for a quick and easy demo of how to use the drawing tool. We use Google Maps satellite imagery, overlay the shape you draw around lawn, and calculate the area of the shapes you draw on the map. 

--> Size your lawn

How does it work?

We've built this tool to estimate the size of your lawn based on lot size (acreage) and home size (square footage, number of stories). We get this data from public sources.

We use machine learning to calibrate our calculations based on thousands of addresses across the United States. This allows us to fine tune our precision about the area of impermeable surfaces, the house footprint, and non-lawn landscaping. 

--> Size your lawn

Why would I need to know my lawn size?

Every good lawn owner needs a rough idea of their lawn's square footage, so they know how much fertilizer to apply. When lawn professionals talk about how much nitrogen to use for a lawn, they talk in terms of pounds of nitrogen per thousand square feet (lbs N / 1,000 sq ft). 

Gnome creates custom fertilizer plans based on your lawn size, climate, grass type, and a few other factors. Don't want to play the guessing game about how much you should fertilizer your lawn? Trust the Gnomes and sign up for a Magic Lawn Plan to get custom nutrients delivered in the right quantities for your lawn size. 

Who can we thank?

This is a creative collaboration between our very own Rishi Shah, Senior Full-Stack Developer at Gnome, and Houndstooth, our Web Design and Creative Partners. Thanks to Rishi and Houndstooth for the excellent work on this groundbreaking new tool!

Clyde Atkins