Ain't nothing wrong with ballin' on a budget.

It is possible to have a great looking yard without breaking the bank. Whether you're adding flowers and furniture, or just looking for a way to improve your greenery, the possibilities are endless. Adding things like seating, outdoor games, and lights can inspire the go-to fall hangout spot. Here are 5 additions for $50 or less that you can add to or use in your space to create the ultimate outdoor sanctuary. 


YES. String lights can be purchased for less than $50 from places like Amazon, Target, and even Home Depot. HINT: You can also usually find them in the seasonal aisle of your local grocer for a cheaper price! If you don't have any outdoor outlets, not to worry! There are solar powered options available and even battery operated LEDs. Fairy lights can make a great addition for a more delicate feel. Add any of these lights to your outdoor space for instant elevation and brightness.


If you've been interested in adding some outdoor seating, but don't want to spend hundreds, check your local thrift stores, like Goodwill or Salvation Army. They may not have "patio" furniture, but they could have dining options you are able to repurpose. Also, check things like local listings or Facebook Marketplace. Some people sell bistro sets for as low as $30 (I know because I have before). Another final option is shopping estate sales! You can find amazing deals on designer furniture, if you're lucky. 


Flowers are a great option to add color and variety to your yard. However, it saves you some green to get flowers that come back each growing season. Selections of perennials can be purchased anywhere from $10-$30. They may cost you on the higher end up front, but as long as you properly care for them and their soil, they will come back once the trees start to bloom. Some examples of these types of flowers include tulips, lavender, asters, hostas and more. A cheaper up front option is buying colorful annuals, but like the name suggests, they require replacing every year and are not as sustainable.


Though it's nice to have trendy, functional components in your yard, another important factor is a healthy, green lawn. Ways to improve the look of your lawn can start with our $50 Soil Test Kit, our $15 Weed Puller, or even our $49 bag of Green Glow. It isn't just about seeding, mowing, and watering. Giving your lawn high quality, all natural, liquid nutrients can help you create the perfect backdrop for all of your backyard additions while keeping the environment in mind.


Cornhole, Giant Jenga-like blocks, or maybe Spikeball? If you're a family of 4+, or just love hosting friends, affordable yard games can be purchased for a cheaper price on Amazon, or at the end of season from most big name stores like Target or Walmart. Games like this add a sense of home and nostalgia to any get together, and it won't cost $100 to entertain everyone. These games can also be homemade with recycled wood and beans/corn sewn into cloth, or even simple wood pieces sanded down for Jenga with truth or dares written on each block to spice it up a bit.


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Allison Morris